Sql Server 2008 Intellisense Doesn’t Work

23 07 2012

Recently, while i was working with Sql Server 2008 Intellisense , I noticed that it was not work functionally. Actually, intellisense feature of Sql Server 2008 is less developed than Visual Studio.Nevertheless, It help us for someways, so today we’ll fix our Intellisense in a few steps. Generally, this problem can be fixed in 2 ways. One of them is Sql Server Service Packs, the other is enabled feature. There are some steps that can help you to enable Intellisense

First of all, make sure that you update your SQL Server 2008. that means, you have to install service packs to use your intellisense properly. If you don’t know how to know do that, please click and choose one of them which is appropriate for your Operating System. Most probably you’ll be able to fix your Sql Server 2008 if you can not, please go on to read.

Step 1 – Are you using Sql Server 2008 ?
Intellisense is the newest change of Sql Server, so you can’t use it with the previous version of SQL Server

Step 2 – Intellisense must be enabled
There are two ways to affirm whether Intellisense is on or not.
First Way : From ToolBar ;

Second Way : Go to Tools –  Options – Text Editor – Transact-SQL – IntelliSense
Like that ;

Step 3 – You should refresh intellisense for the latest changes  in databases.
Again you have two different ways to do it.

First : With the  CTRL+SHIFT+R key combination.
Second : Go to Edit – IntelliSense – Refresh Local Cache

Step 4 – You have to check Auto List Members and Check Parameter Information
Go to Tools – Options – Text Editor – Transact-SQL – General




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